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How to fix Firebase storage CORS issues in Angular and other frontend frameworks

As for front-end developers, we often faced issues with CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), I had faced Firebase storage CORS issues in one of my Angular firebase projects. I have uploaded a few images on Firebase storage, it works perfectly on localhost for uploading, deleting, and retrieving them from the server. When I hosted my project […]

How to implement Ionic Barcode Scanner using cordova

In these articles, we will learn how to use an Ionic Barcode Scanner. We will use a plugin called Cordova-plugin-barcode scanner to a barcode and this opens a camera view and automatically scans a barcode, returning the data back to you. Setting up and configure Ionic Barcode scanner Let first create a project to implement […]

How to implement Ionic routing in Ionic Angular

With the release of Ionic 5, we can create an Ionic application from different front-end frameworks. To implement Ionic routing and navigation, we are using Ionic angular routing methods. Ionic Angular application is (SPA) a single-page application, when we navigate between components/page we are not reloading the page, only changing the parts of content using […]

How to implement ionic firebase authentication

We can easily integrate Firebase authentication in ionic. Ionic firebase authentication we can use third-party auth providers like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and more. These third-party service providers are the industry standards for token-based authentication and authorization for web, desktop, and mobile applications. These third-party service providers act as an intermediary on the behalf of the […]

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