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Express Routing

In an Express, we can route to the particular URI (Uniform Resources Identifier) through HTTP Client request method (GET, POST, DELETE, PUT and so on). const router = express.Router();Router class: In express have router class, we can use router class method on the HTTP verbs – GET, PUT, DELETE and etc. The syntax of routes in …

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Introducing Mongoose

Mongoose is a Node.js module that provides developers with the ability to model objects and savethem as MongoDB documents. While MongoDB is a schemaless database, Mongoose offers you theopportunity to enjoy both strict and loose schema approaches when dealing with Mongoose models. Mongoose provides a straight-forward, schema-based solution to model your application data. It includes …

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Express – Tutorials

Express Js Introduction Express middleware Express Routing API in Express Serving static file in Express Local Login strategy Introducing Mongoose Managing Local User Authentication and Access Control Express OAuth strategies Login for Facebook Express Project: Express apps to retrieve speaker information from data file Feedback form in the Express Creating a Simple Live Chat in …

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Managing Local User Authentication and Access Control

The user authentication is one of the most important tasks, we need to use authentication in most of our project. Passport is a robust piece of Node.js authentication middleware that helps us to authenticate and access control our Express apps. The Passport middleware allows developersto offer various authentication methods using a mechanism called strategies, which allows you toimplement …

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