Comprehensive Full Stack Development Tutorial: Learn Ionic, Angular, React, React Native, and Node.js with JavaScript

Angular ngFor Directive: The Ultimate Guide

Angular is a popular open-source web application framework used to simplify the development of single-page applications. One of Angular’s most powerful features is the use of directives, which allow developers to manipulate the DOM with ease. Among these directives, ngFor is an essential tool for iterating over collections and rendering elements dynamically. With the release […]

Angular Search Filter: The Complete Guide 2024

Creating a search filter in Angular is a common requirement for many applications, especially when dealing with large datasets. This report will guide you through the process of implementing a search filter in Angular, covering various methods and best practices. In a real application, we might have a large list of data that we have […]

How to use Expo font in react native

Incorporating custom fonts into your React native application can greatly improve its visual appeal and overall user experience. Expo provides a user-friendly set of tools and services that simplify this process. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore how to seamlessly integrate Expo font or adding custom fonts into Expo project. React Native, when combined […]

Implementing Expo Push Notifications in React Native Applications

This tutorial guides you through implementing push notifications in your React Native Expo app, incorporating best practices and using the latest code. We will implement push notifications in an Expo React Native application. We need to used Expo Go for a real device rather than an Android and IOS emulator. Here is example screenshot of […]

React Native Local Notifications Using Expo: A Tutorial

React Native is a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript and React. One of the features that React Native provides is the ability to send local notifications to users. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use React Native local notification using expo. Here is the screenshot of React native local […]

React Native expo image picker custom component

Let built expo image picker custom component, so that we can reused it in all over our Application. The CustomImagePicker component, designed for React Native applications, utilizes the expo-image-picker library to enable users to either capture a new image using their camera or select a pre-existing one from their photo library. Expo image picker custom […]

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