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How to Define and Manage React native global color 

We can define React Global Color so that it is used in different components in our application. Allowing us to easily manage style colors in our react application and avoid coloring mistakes in an Application.

Note: In React or other frontend applications, we can solve this by CSS variables or custom CSS properties. But react-native doesn’t support or use CSS, so we can define React Native Global color by using the helper function.

Create a variable to store the color value.

Like CSS variables centralized approach to defining and utilizing color variables throughout your application for consistent and efficient styling. Here’s a way you might define and implement global colors in a React project:

React Native Global Colors Variables Setup:

Let’s create a folder in the project root folder, that can have names like utils or constants. We need to create a variable inside this folder having the name constants/color.js or theme/Color.js where we define your global color variables. This can be done using a constant or object structure and we need to export this object, so then it can be used throughout our application.

export const Colors = {
  primary: '#22222',
  primary500: '#222244',
  primary600: '#222666',
  secondary: '#6c757d',
  // ... other color variables

If we change any color variable in the Colors object, that will change all components that consume it.

Import React Global color variable in components

Once we define all our color variables inside the color helper function, we can easily import all the components that consume these color variables.

import { Colors } from "../constants/colors";

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  buttonInner: {
    backgroundColor: Colors.primary,

In this article, we learned how to use react native global color declaration and you can check the official React native color API documentation for more information.

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How to Define and Manage React native global color 

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