Comprehensive Full Stack Development Tutorial: Learn Ionic, Angular, React, React Native, and Node.js with JavaScript


What are angular hostbinding and angular hostlistener ?

An angular directive is instructions or guidelines for rendering a template. The directive allows us to change the appearance or behavior of a DOM element. An Angular offers lots of built-in directives, which we had learned in the previous article. We can create our own custom directive to have a feature that is specific to […]

Angular Component LifeCycle

In Angular, the component has a lifecycle that begins with their initial instantiation and continues with their rendering until they’re destroyed and removed from the application.  Whenever a  new component is created, the Angular component goes through a couple of different phases in this creation process and it will actually give us a chance to […]

Introduction to Angular Component

Components are the main building blocks in Angular. A typical Angular application is represented by a tree of elements starting with a single root component. An Angular framework allows us to develop applications in a component-based approach. Why we need an angular component ? We can create custom HTML element like <student> using component in […]

Angular observable with an example in Angular 12

Rxjs Observable is the most basic building block of RxJS that represents an event emitter, which will emit any data received over time. Angular Observable object definition will not cause a networking event to be fired unless it will not subscribe or listen, as observables are lazy in nature. By calling Angular to subscribe on […]

How to use angular ngIf directive and ngIf else directive .?

With the angular, we can control the display of blocks of elements with the help of the Angular ngIf directive. Angular has a lot of built-in directives: ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch, ngClass , and ngStyle .The first three directives are called structural directives, which are used to transform the DOM’s structure by adding or removing elements […]

Integrating Angular on Node Js’ll need to use the TypeScript transpiler to convert our TypeScript files into valid ES5 or ES6 JavaScript files.Furthermore, since Angular is a front end framework, installing it requires the inclusion of JavaScript files in server or node application.  This can be done in various ways and the easiest one, run ng build and copy […]

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