Month: July 2017

Firebase – Introduction

Firebase is the product of Google. To create new Firebase projects, you need a Google account. Firebase projects can be created and managed using the Firebase console ( Firebase provides different SDKs for mobile and web apps to interact with its database. Ionic apps should use the web SDK (https://firebase. Note: Ionic apps should use …

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Weather – Chart Apps

Creating Weather – Chart Application, With help of API from our apps we are forecasting the weather in different part of the world and displaying weather information in chart form. What are we learning? Use of API to display current and forecast the weather. Use the tab view Forms, Form Fields, Form validations Integrate angular …

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Introducing Mongoose

Mongoose is a Node.js module that provides developers with the ability to model objects and savethem as MongoDB documents. While MongoDB is a schemaless database, Mongoose offers you theopportunity to enjoy both strict and loose schema approaches when dealing with Mongoose models. Mongoose provides a straight-forward, schema-based solution to model your application data. It includes …

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