D3 module in Node JS

The D3 js open source and functional programming of Javascript.   The d3.js is JavaScript function programming that gives all the visualization support we want to have almost all in functional form. Function in Javascript are objects. Like any other object in Javascript, the function object is just a collection of name and value pair. The only difference between regular object and function object is that function can be invoked and additionally, function object has two hidden properties, function context, and a function code.  

The D3 is self-sufficient, it has no dependency on any other Javascript library except what browser already provide. The D3 is modular based, we can add whole D3 or part of D3 submodule in our web the node apps.  Eg, we can use D3 submodule like d3-selection as dependency in our node apps

Syntax for adding whole d3 module : npm install –save d3

The D3 can be run directly on the local machine, by opening the HTML page with the D3 script embedded to view D3 visualization.  For security reasons, it is recommended to add a local HTTP server so that we can be accessed the HTML page and data from the server.

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