Comprehensive Full Stack Development Tutorial: Learn Ionic, Angular, React, React Native, and Node.js with JavaScript

Using React Native Tabs to Create User-Friendly App

In general, Tabs are a way of organizing content into separate views where only one view can be visible at a time. React Native tabs are a popular way to implement navigation in mobile apps. We can easily navigate between each Screen by clicking on the tab label. Tabs are typically displayed at the bottom […]

React Native Redux Tutorial with examples

In this tutorial we will learn about the React Native Redux, The Redux is predictable state management not specific to React Native. Redux is a popular state management library for JavaScript. We can use redux in React for creating stores and it is often combined with React and React Native via the React-Redux library. React […]

How to Use React Native Context to Share Data

The React Native Context API allows sharing data between components without passing props down through the tree. The context in React native is not specific to React native, is the same as what we used in React. I have already written an article on React Native with details, and if you want, you can read […]

Guide to React Native Header Design

We can implement the React native header in different ways, depending on the application need and the libraries we are using. The React Native header is a component that displays information and actions related to the current screen. It is typically used for navigation purposes and can be customized to fit the design and functionality […]

How to Define and Manage React native global color 

We can define React Global Color so that it is used in different components in our application. Allowing us to easily manage style colors in our react application and avoid coloring mistakes in an Application. Note: In React or other frontend applications, we can solve this by CSS variables or custom CSS properties. But react-native […]

React Native Navigation Stack: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

React Navigation is a navigation library for React Native that makes it easy to manage the navigation between screens in your app. We can use the React Native Navigation Stack to navigate and pass data between different screens. We can use other navigation structures for our application needs like as follows. Here are our main […]

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